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If you came here, you are probably looking for the ways to enlarge your penis size and enhance your sexual power, to ultimately experience new heights of sexual life, and relationships with women.

You may know that there are tons of products offering promising you amazing results within weeks if not days. We have to say this is in most cases far from reality! There are hundreds of products that are plain scams, distributed by unknown online distributors that never give you real penis enhancement.

At the same time, there are many reputable products with a good history on the market that care about customers and develop really effective penis enhancement solutions. Since results always vary, these companies give you a chance to test-drive their products for free (you just pay small shipping fee), so that you could experience the product and feel it’s power within the trial period. If you’re not satisfied – cancel and you pay nothing!

This resource reviews only the most effective free penis enlargement pills on the market, helps you pick among the best, and avoid scams.

User Rating #1 – Vimax Pills
star4.5 (9)

Manufactured By:VimaxGroup™

5764 Monkland Ave. Suite 555
Montreal, QC, H4A1E9

Tel: Worldwide 1-800-816-124

US & Canada +1-315-552-9006

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Product Review:

Vimax is the oldest brand in natural male enhancement, that served over 1000000 men across the world – now comes with a risk-free trial of their flagship product – Vimax pills.

Vimax pills can boast the highest satisfaction rate among customers – over 95% of men using it, are reporting positive changes in sexual life and overall confidence.

Vimax contains a clinically proven formula which is a blend of 100% organic ingredients with a powerful effect on male sexual function and penis size.

What You Can Expect With Vimax Pills

Vimax pills are proven independently to bring you the following benefits:

  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • Harder and longer lasting erections
  • Boosted sex drive
  • Increase in penis length and girth

Vimax is the only brand that is recommended by medical doctors (andrologists, urologists and sexologists) as the no-prescription alternative to crazy costly drugs like Viagra or Cialis, and Vimax actually has more lasting effect on your sexual capacities then these drugs.

Included In Your Order

Now you can safely get a 14-day trial bottle of Vimax pills, shipped discreetly to your door, no matter what country you live in.

The VimaxGroup company is so confident in bringing you massive value with their product, that your order is covered with unconditional money-back guarantee – so your order is fully refunded in case you’re not happy.


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User Rating #2 – Virility EX

Manufactured By:Natural Products Association™ United States Office
2049 N. Lincoln Ave
Burbank, California 91504
+ 1 (818) 303-9253
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Product Review:

Virility EX has been on the market since 2002 and managed to get a reputation of the most powerful male enhancement products with a very high customer satisfaction rate (92%).

Virility EX is made of only 100% all-natural ingredients used for sexual enhancement since ancient times. One of the biggest advantages that it contains Yohimbe, the only natural component approved by FDA for treating sexual impotence and improving sexual functions. At the same time Yohimbe, found in Virility EX, is also known to have side effects and it’s not recommended for men with high blood pressure. If you’re not suffering from high blood pressure, you may use Virility EX without risk. All other components in Virility EX are absolutely safe to use.

What You Can Expect With Virility EX

According to thousands of customer feedback, Virility EX does deliver what it claims. Although there’s no 100% success rate with ANY supplement in the world, whatever claims you may see, 92% success rate is incredible result for male enhancement pills. The proven results that Virility EX provides are:

  • ·Increase in erection strength
  • ·Prolonged erections & longer staying power in bed
  • ·More intense orgasms
  • ·Increase in penis size up to 1-1.5 inches (combined with free penis exercises program)

Again, these are not claims but actual results that Virility EX customers report. Among the penis enlargement products available as a free sample, Virility EX is our #1 suggestion for you to try.

Included In Your Order

With a free 30-day supply of Virility EX you also get a FREE lifetime access to the penis enlargement program that allows you to achieve permanent penis enlargement results.

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User Rating #2 – Extenze
Manufactured by:Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc.401 E. Huntington Dr.Monrovia, CA 91016800-419-4447
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Product Review:Extenze is well known male enhancement brand, medically formulated for the maximum enhancement results. Extenze is heavily backed by medical community, including the famous Dr. Daniel S. Stein. It was also featured in the press and on TV.Extenze can boast only top grade natural ingredients, including Yohimbe extract. The daily intake of Extenze is only 1 pill per day.The satisfaction rate among Extenze customers is above 90%.

What You Can Expect With ExtenzeDefinitely this is not a miracle pill, but Extenze is a product of ancient achievements in natural sexual empowering, multiplied by years of modern scientific research. This brand is among the top by performance improvement that Extenze customers report. The positive effects include:

  • Increase in penis length and girth, 1 inch on average
  • Longer lasting and more full erections
  • Increased orgasm intensity
  • Overall increase in sexual desire and pleasure

Usually Extenze customers report maximum results in the 8 weeks with Extenze, however you will notice first results within days already, that’s why Extenze manufacturer offers a FREE sample of pills that you can try risk-free.

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Bottom Line – Most Recommended Free Penis Pills

If you want to achieve the maximum penis enlargement and get your sexual activity to it’s peak, we highly recommend to try Vimax penis enlargement pills. This brand, like all 4 our reviewed products here, is manufactured by a reputable company that has been on the market for over 7 years now.

It’s produced in the USA from the top grade ingredients. Vimax has been scientifically formulated. It’s shipped and billed discreetly, and it’s customers have very good support via phone, email and chat.

Every free bottle of Vimax pills is also covered by a money-back guarantee, in case you’re not satifsfied with the results you will have.

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Other top brands we reviewed here are also very effective and proved incredible positive changes in sexual and overall lives of their customers.

Penis Enlargement Pills That Didn’t Make It To The Top

Here’s the list of brands that also offer free trial program online. However, these products are evaluated below out top ratings, due to flows in our rating factors.

Whether these products are distributed by unkown companies, or contain harmful or dubious ingredients, or don’t provide customer support, or don’t have a good history of customer relationships. Here’s the list:

  • Stimelex
  • Viarex
  • Vierect
  • Extamax
  • Enlarge Maxx
  • Optimum
  • Longtitude
  • Alzare
  • Enzyte
  • VigRX

We suggest that you don’t try these products.